How to get a belly button piercing?

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Published: 29th June 2012
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Belly button piercing became very popular in our days, not only among teenagers but among mature women as well. How to get a belly button piercing, what jewelry is better to choose for a piercing, how to take care after a piercing: all of this and a lot more you will find out from this article. Now, all truth about a piercing!

How is piercing done?
If to talk correctly then a belly button piercing is not a cosmetic procedure at all but rather a real operation. Its meaning is in the skin piercing where you would wear jewelry later on. You still should always remember that making a piercing your skin is exposed to injury. Exactly because of that damage to your health may happen. Consequently, you should entrust such a procedure only to professionals.

It is not recommended to do a piercing if you have high temperature at that time or you have any other ailment. Operation of piercing in the belly button area is done only in one minute and body jewelry is inserted right away. In case if you have high sensitivity it is possible to get local Anastasia.

Jewelry for a Belly Button Piercings
You should not insert belly button rings jewelry made of silver or gold after a piercing right away. Those metals have a lot of different impurities and they may become a reason for an allergy to appear. Further, using jewelry made of low quality metals may cause harmful components to discharge into your blood or skin. Therefore, an undesirable pigmentation and a constant allergy may appear because of that.

Titan – material that is the most appropriate and has great reputation in medicine. Only when a wound will finally heal up it is possible to use metals that are not subject to rusting: palladium, platinum, titan, niobium and gold. Synthetic materials such as acrylic may not be wearing for a long time and only in a totally skinned over channel.

A belly button piercing healing duration is quite essential and healing time may take up to three months. However, usually if to keep all recommendations it will take only from two to five weeks.

How to take care properly of a piercing spot after a belly button piercing?
You should not take off jewelry during the whole channel's healing time.
You should not go to a bathhouse or swim in open basins; you should not to stay on the sun for a long time or go to solarium during this time.
You should treat a piercing spot and jewelry twice a day with hydrogen peroxide, and clean it from ichors. It is not allowed to use alcohol beverages during this time.
Within three days after a belly button piercing it is necessary to start moving jewelry couple of times a day.
Try to abstain from rubbing; do not wear woolen or tight cloth. It is possible to tape a piercing spot with a plaster.
In case if any inflammation signs appeared then use anti-inflammatory medications.
Any physical exercises that involve abdominal muscles are prohibited. A belly button piercing results may be various. It happens that a surgeon has to get involved in it. In case if festering is too severe it is better to remove jewelry out of a belly button and thoroughly treat a wound with an antiseptic solution. However if this procedure would not help and festering will get bigger you should go to a doctor right away.
Nevertheless, if you would stick to recommendations your piercing spot healing will go smooth and painless. The most important thing, if you decided to get a piercing, is to do it only in a good and reliable cosmetic office or a salon in order to avoid unwanted problems in the future. Then you would be able to brag with a nicely decorated belly button piercing.


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